• Welcome to the new school year!

    Please visit our class website


    Below find a quick-access list of useful information. 

    Helpful things to know:

    My classroom policies are:
    No phones or electronic devices or headphones. Music on headphones for solo work time is allowed with permission.  
    Safety is a priority in the studio.  This means hair must be tied back and safety glasses must be worn where required.  Loose or hanging clothes should be avoided as well.
    Dust masks will be provided and required when working with plaster and polishing. 
    Website Updates: weekly
    Other places to find class info:
    Best way for students to contact me: Email or after class
    Best way for parents to contact me: gsimmons@vashonsd.org
    I am available to work with students: Smart period, lunch, and after school
    I check email: 3x/day, before school,lunch,  after school
    I check phone messages: 1x/day