• Welcome to my Teacher Website. This site is always in a state of change. Updates happen daily, so please check on a regular basis.
    Below find a quick-access list of useful information. 

    Helpful things to know:

    Syllabus, Course Policies and Expectations: Please go to the appropriate class tab.
    Grades: I post grades as soon as I have them graded in Skyward. Some items take longer than others. If you have questions on a specific assignment, please send me an e-mail.
    Website Updates: daily
    Other places to find class info: Please go to the appropriate class tab for homework, calendars, videos, or making up work after being absent.
    Best way for students to contact me: Email, after class, during lunch, or SMART 
    Best way for parents to contact me: Email
    I am available to work with students: SMART, lunch, and after school on Mondays & Thursdays
    I check email: all the time.
    I check phone messages: when the red light is blinking (: