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    All classwork, groupwork and activities will be posted on the Assignments Summary Page. Please also check your google classroom at least once daily!
    SMART Period Students
    Use the join code CFosteringSMART to access my SMART period from 10:40-11:50 Mondays only for attendance. 
    Advanced Algebra
    Homework Access: Students can join their deltamath.com class period for assigned practice with the code 414651
    Free Online Textbook: Algebra 2 Big Ideas
    Summary of Weekly Assignments: Advanced Algebra Assignments
    Advanced Algebra-Focused SMART Period
    Please email me at cfostering@vashonsd.org to make an appointment, then use the join code CFosteringSMART to attend my SMART period from 10:40-11:50am.
    AP Calculus
    Class Syllabus Link: AP Calculus Syllabus 2020-2021
    Homework Access: Students can join their AP Calculus platform by going to myap.collegeboard.org and using the code KVGEEW
    Summary of Weekly Assignments: AP Calculus Assignments
    AP Calculus-Focused SMART Period
    Use the join code CFosteringSMART to attend our weekly check-in from 10:40-11:50 on (TBD).
    Grades: I update grades weekly in Skyward.
    Website Updates: weekly
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    Best way for parents to contact me: Email
    I am available to work with students: SMART periods times by appointment
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