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    Dear student athletes and families,

    Welcome to the 2019 season of Mustang Volleyball!  We are excited to get started and looking forward to a successful season.  This letter is to review some important information, policies, and expectations for the McMurray Middle School volleyball program. 

    McMurray is a no-cut school so that means that everyone who wants to play, gets to play!  It is okay if your daughter does not know how to play volleyball; now is her opportunity to learn.  We are here to teach the sport and our teams will vary in skill level so that we can tailor the instruction given to each particular team.  The number of teams we have depend on the number of girls who decide to participate.  We will always have a Varsity squad and JV squad.  If our numbers are high, we will also have an additional C squad.  Per Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) regulations, only seventh and eighth graders are allowed to compete.  In order to strengthen our program, we encourage sixth graders to attend practices to build their skills if our numbers remain manageable. 

    Program Goals:

    1. To provide the opportunity to learn the game of volleyball by building a good foundation of all skills needed to play at the competitive level.
    2. To help the athlete become responsible to her teammates.
    3. To teach the values of hard work, discipline, good sportsmanship, camaraderie, and friendship.
    4. To help the athlete become aware of the need for following team policies.


    Our Philosophy:

    The goal of the Varsity squad is to be as competitive as possible while allowing our players as much opportunity to play at their skill level will allow without jeopardizing the success of the team.  This can be a difficult call for a coach and a hard concept for parents and players to accept at times.  Every effort and consideration will be made to give your child opportunities to play.  However, we will not jeopardize the winning of a match by not playing the “best” 6 on the court at the appropriate time.  So, at times, playing time may not be equal.  Your child’s efforts and success in learning the proper techniques required to play the game of volleyball will be the main criteria for playing time on the Varsity squad.  Our main focus for our JV squad will be on skill building and teamwork.  Therefore, playing time will be divided equally for all players.



    In order to participate in volleyball practice, all girls must:

    1. Complete the required paperwork:
      1. VISD Extra-Curricular Activities Enrollment Form. This form states that you have read and accept the terms and conditions of the following forms:
        1. Parent Permission
        2. Activities Code
    • Concussion Information
    1. Sudden Cardiac Information
    2. Travel Authorization
    3. Medical Permission
    1. Documentation of a Current Physical. Once completed, this form is current for 2 years.
    2. Acknowledgement of the Volleyball Safety Guidelines.




    1. Pay all required fees:
      1. ASB card $40
      2. Sports fee $100

    *Fees must be paid within the first two weeks of practice.  For scholarship information please inquire at the main office.


    In order to participate in volleyball matches, all girls must:

    1. Meet the Minimum Practice Requirement of 8 set by the WIAA
    2. Meet the academic requirements as outlined in the Activities Code


    Player Needs:

    For Practice: Athletic shoes (preferably volleyball shoes or cross-trainers), athletic socks, shorts or spandex, t-shirt or tank top, and volleyball kneepads.

    For Matches:  A school uniform top will be assigned to each player.  Players are responsible for obtaining their own pair of solid black spandex to wear for all competitions.


    Typically, practice will be held every day after school from 2:50 -4:30. Our first practice will be on Wednesday, September 4.  It is important that athletes are dressed in volleyball-appropriate gear and ready to begin on time.  It is expected that all players attend practice every day, be on time, and stay until practice ends.  Attending practice and working hard is essential to the success of a program.  When you join a team, you are making a commitment and your coach and teammates depend and rely upon you.   If a player is absent from school, they are automatically excused from practice.  If a player attends school, but is unable to attend practice or leave early, the player’s coach must receive a signed parent note or email for the absence to be excused.  If a player needs to miss part of a practice to work with a teacher after school, the player must check in with their coach at the beginning of practice and bring a signed note from their teacher when they return to practice.  Unexcused absences will have an effect on playing time and/or a player being allowed to travel with the team for away matches.


    *Sixth graders do not need to adhere to the team practice regulations in the same manner as seventh and eighth graders.  Because their role is skill-building, not competitive, their practice schedule is flexible.  They may attend practice at their convenience and availability without communicating with their coach if they are unable to attend.  However, having sixth graders attend all home matches to help out is greatly appreciated.


    Before and After Practice: Every team member is responsible for the set up and take down of all nets and poles and collection of all volleyball equipment.



    Home Matches:

    All home matches begin at 3:45 pm. The JV squad plays first followed by the Varsity squad.  The Varsity match typically starts around 5.  An exact time cannot be given as their start time is dependent upon the time that the JV match concludes.  Both squads will play 3 games.  The first two games will be played to 25 points with no caps for points.  The third game will be played to 15 points with a cap of 17.   These three games are considered a “match” at this level of competition.  The team that has won two out of three games has won the match.   Because the JV squad plays first, it is their responsibility to set up the net and all other equipment including the score table and team benches.  Because Varsity plays last, it is their responsibility to take down the net and put away all other equipment.  During all matches it is required that both teams supply players to act as line judges.  JV players line judge for the Varsity match and Varsity players line judge for the JV match.  During the JV match the expectation is that all Varsity players remain sitting in the bleachers during the first two games.  At the start of game three the Varsity team will begin warming up behind the bleachers.  While the Varsity squad is playing it is expected that the JV players remain to support the Varsity team.  The coaches understand that players may have other commitments such as other sports teams, dance or even homework.  We also want to be sensitive to our commuting families who return home later than our on-island players.  In these types of special circumstances, the coaching staff asks that you communicate with us so that we can try our best to make accommodations, such as scheduling these players to line judge during away matches.


    Away Matches:

    Away matches begin at 3:45. It is the expectation that all players ride the team bus to and from the opponent’s gym.  If parents would like to have their daughters dropped off at the south end ferry dock instead of traveling back to McMurray they need to fill out The Extra-Curricular Travel Authorization form. Our commuters from Seattle will be provided transportation to the North end ferry dock if parents are unable to pick them up directly from the school we are playing.

     Players should plan on bringing hearty and healthy food to eat as a snack on the bus before they play and additional food to eat on the way home.  If time allows, we may be able to stop at McDonald’s so players may wish to bring some spending money.


    Player Conduct:

    All team members are expected to treat coaches, referees, other teams, bus drivers, and anyone else during the volleyball season with respect.  It is an honor to be a member of the McMurray Mustang Volleyball team, but it is also a responsibility.  Players will always act in a manner that they can be proud of, as we represent the entire school.  I look forward to a successful season.


     Please contact one of the coaches if you have any questions or concerns.


    Head Coach: Carrie Hatfield                                                   Assistant Coach: Madison Gateman                                                                            (206)235-6091





    Mustang Volleyball Spirit Gear Ordering Information 

    To order Mustang Volleyball Spirit Gear please visit the following website:

    Copy of the 2019 Spirit Gear Flyer

    sweatshirt   tshirt



    There is a one week window to be able to order your selected items.  The ordering window is from Tuesday, 9/4 through Tuesday 9/13.  All team items will be shipped directly to McMurray Middle School and distributed to players from there.