Evan Justin



Degrees and Certifications:

Evan Justin

Curriculum Vitae


US Army Corps of Engineers NBC Environmental Researcher & Statistician

BS Biochemistry

Ceramic Refractory R & D

MS EdPsy Counseling & Guidance

WA & IL certificates in 6-12 biology, chemistry, physics, physical science, earth science, math, psychology, & counseling.

Prevailing professional & personal investments:
my spouse (Jan Kammert, Gr8 Humanities, McMurray)
education systems & outcomes, adolescent development
extremophiles, astrobiology, geobiochemistry, deep ocean vent systems, critters . . . 
planetology, cosmology, NASA-AMES / JPL, UW
anything gearhead / STEM - cars, planes, rockets, ships, IT, tools, models . . . 
science & engineering histories, music / art histories