• Board of Directors

    Dan Chasan
    Position #1 Term: 11/15-11/19

    Rheagan Sparks- Board Vice Chair
    Position #2 Term: 11/17-11/21
    Zabette Macomber 
    Position #3 Term: 11/15-11/19 
    Spring Hecht
    Position #4 Term: 11/17-11/21
    Toby Holmes - Board Chair
    Position #5 Term: 11/15-11/19

    District Administration

    Superintendent of Schools
    Dr. Slade McSheehy 

    Executive Director of Business & Operations
    Matt Sullivan
    Director of Human Resources
    Amy Sassara
    Director of Student Services
    Kathryn Coleman
    Director of Teaching & Learning
    Dr. Stephanie Spencer
    Director of Facilities
    Kevin Dickerson 
    Director of Food Services
    Lisa Cyra
    Director of Technology
    John Stanton
    Facilities Manager
    Carole Elliott
    Finance Manager
    Kay Adams
    Payroll Officer
    Tiffany Rice

    Building Administration

    Principal - Chautauqua Elementary
    Rebecca Goertzel 
    Assistant Principal
    Julie Kangas
    Principal - McMurray Middle School
    Greg Allison
    Assistant Principal
    Winnie McGilton
    Principal - Vashon Island High School and Alternative Learning
    Danny Rock
    Assistant Principal and CTE Director
    Alanah Baron
    Director - FamilyLink Alternative Learning and StudentLink Alternative High School
    Dr. Thomas Elliott