• Chautauqua Library gets some TLC; Vashon Community shows support for youth literacy!


    The correlation between strong library programs and student achievement are many.  Students who attend schools with well planned, well trained, and strongly valued library programs tend to earn better standardized test scores, increased graduation rates and achieve mastery of academic standards.

    During the week 26 different class rooms and 6 grade levels will visit the CES Library!  With the addition of a certificated teacher-librarian at CES, the library has increased annual book check out rates by 55%!

    Over the past few years there has been a lot of activity in the CES Library!  Many thanks to Vashon School District administration, board members, facilities, technology staff, and the Vashon Island community.  

    Collaboration, volunteerism, hard work and elbow grease is responsible for the impressive changes and updates at CES!  Students, staff, families and volunteers have shown an enormous amount of excitement, contribution of ideas, and effort in updating, upgrading and making the library a magical, welcoming and inspirational environment for our children.

    Vashon F.A.C.E. and P.I.E. has always been, and continues to be a strong supporter.  Some recent grants include updated lists of must-have collections, collections in several languages, new collections addressing gender issues, diverse and inclusive families, the NAACP recommended children's books-and more.  All collections are age appropriate picture and chapter books.

    Vashon Island KCLS and Student Accounts offer an endless stream of accurate data bases, ebooks and audiobooks.   A grant with VAIS with Caroline Rockey provided a gorgeous learning experience and greatly improved aesthetics in the library.

    Sue Hardy and the Vashon Heritage Museum generously host a Vashon history museum exhibit display case in the CES Library.  Thanks to Sue’s hard work, students and visitors are gifted with fascinating exhibits from the Seattle Art Museum’s Educator’s Suitcases.

    The continuous collaboration with  VYFS has developed exciting collections to promote empathy and self-acceptance for elementary school age students.

    Our island continues to offer unique enrichment opportunities; Island authors such as Jeannie Okimoto, Karen Cushman (who brought her REAL Newbery medal for students to hold), Tom Brenner, Tavi Black, Jesse Johnson, Susan Wolf, to name just a few,  have been more than generous with their time, talents and gifts. The glorious possibilities of a life of an author are developed through relationships between students and living authors.

    Future endeavors include focus on STEM with district provided science curriculum and information from the Vashon Nature Center, technology information, and support from Siri Hiltz, Youth Services Consultant, Library Development Washington State Library | Office of the Secretary of State.

    There is a lot going on!

    Vashon has shown its support for literacy and high quality education in the past, please continue!

    Volunteers, projects ideas, books are always needed.  A donation to PIE is a great way to support CES library also!  Be a part of it!

    Some fun volunteer opportunities might include:

    -District Racial Equity Initiative

    -Sewing Club

    -Amazing Grandma Volunteers

    -Nautilus Book Awards

    -Vashon Bookstore Partnerships

    -Secret Garden Book Fair

    -Orca Reader Incentive Program


    Feel free to reach out with any questions at klawrence@vashonsd.org