• Classroom Expectations: 

      1. Be respectful at all times. Make those around you feel welcome. 
      2. Work hard and give your best effort. 
      3. Say “hello” when greeted at the door (high fives/secret handshakes are also accepted!)
      4. Make sure your cell phone and headphones are in your backpack or out of sight. Cell phones should not be out for any reason during class, unless permission has been given by the teacher. 
      5. Please be ready to learn when the bell rings, we will have a quick review of topics from previous classes.
      6. Please have all food and drink (with the exception of water) put away during class. 
      7. At the end of class, wait for the bell to dismiss you.
      8. Participate! It will make the class  more enjoyable and beneficial if you are engaged. Questions are highly encouraged. My goal is to discuss current topics/events related to sports medicine, so if you see something related to our topics, let’s investigate!

         All students should feel safe both physically and emotionally upon entering this classroom. It is the responsibility of every student to respect each other, their space, and their opinions. It is necessary for students to feel welcome and be surrounded by positive energy. Any disruption could result in disciplinary action depending on severity.