18)  Poetry Folder

     Collection of  Forty Poems from Out of Wonder


    19)  Poems in Writer’s Notebook

     Comparison of the twenty poems in Out of Wonder with poems by the poet being    



    20)  Cornell Notes on the Coastal or Plateau Native Americans


    21)  Socratic Face-off: Claiming items that belong to the Coastal and Plateau Native



    22)  Socratic Face-off: Who has the most grit? The Coastal or Plateau Native Americans?


    23)  Lewis and Clark Viewing Guide: National Geographic Documentary on Lewis and Clark was viewed in class and questions answered. 


    24)  Notes on France, Great Britain, Native Americans, Russia, Spain, and the United States: Who has the strongest claim to the Pacific Northwest?


    25)  Socratic Circle: Claim that your nation has the strongest claim to the Pacific Northwest.


    26)  Interactive Notes on the Fur Trade Era


    27)  Bullet-point Notes on the Fur Trade Era: Titled: The Fur Trade Era – Who cares?


    28)  Outlines for Explanatory and Argumentative Essays: Notes completed in class


    29)  Medicine Creek Treaty – Interactive Notes on the treaty (Document A)


    30)  Interactive Notes on the Medicine Creek Treaty Documents 1-8


    31)  T-chart Notes on the Medicine Creek Treaty Documents 1-8


    32)  F.R.I.E.S. – Notes on what does it mean to do something willingly (completed in class)


    33)  Final Decision: Did the Native Americans sign the Treaty of Medicine Creek willingly or not willingly.  List your five or more strongest pieces of evidence from the documents 1-8 and from the treaty itself.


    34)  Interactive and bullet-point notes on Chapter 7


    35)  Interactivea nd bullet-point notes on Chapter 8