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Helpful Information

Maierhofer (like Fire plus Gopher)

Telephone: 206-463-8678 - best between 2:50 and 3:30. If no reply, please try email.


I teach 5 sections of Geometry (periods 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6).  Sometimes I help out in the wrestling room.  

Assignments will be posted at our Google class site.

Delta Math Code is: 739511

Google Class Code is: vr8fdx

Please read the course syllabus and understand the grading plan for this class.

Recommended Supplies:

4 composition books (or spiral). I think you'll need at least one comp book per quarter. Parents, please ask to see your students' class notebook weekly to make sure your student is engaged. Students should have work and notes from each class.

Pack of #2 pencils, sharp.

A folder or 3-ring binder to store hand-outs from class. You can keep the binder at home and transport your work in the folder. Be organized! Some (not all) quizzes and exams will be open note or you may have a 3x5 card.  I have some new and used binders for free. Granny's also has binders.

2+ Pilot G2.07 pens (different colors). We will draw and sketch in the class a lot. Drawing is a strategy for solving math problems.

An inexpensive compass for geometric constructions. Check out Amazon. 

We have some scientific calculators in the classroom which I will check out to students who provide their own batteries. Otherwise, I recommend obtaining an inexpensive scientific calculator (less than $15). I like the TI-30X workhorses. However, if you plan on taking the AP Calculus or AP Stats tests in the future, you might consider a programmable, graphing calculator (TI 84 series, $95) but why don't you try a classroom one first?

Also check out Desmos' graphing calculator on the web. We have Chromebooks in our classroom.

Cell phones will not be allowed in the classroom unless permission is temporarily granted for academic uses.


Check for updates. Last update: August 1, 2019

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