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    We assembled a variety of resources that will supplement our instructional practice.
    Resources for Grades 6-12 using Google Classroom

    Introducing the Clever Portal

    All students at VISD use the Clever portal to reach online learning tools. This fall we'll be extending the Clever portal by including logons for parents. This will allow parents to see students work and to help them with common tasks such as gaining access if they forget their logon credentials



    By visiting the school's Clever portal and logging in with your Google account, you can see the resources the school makes available to you.

    Safety & Security 

    We take students safety and Security very seriously. The links and resources below help our students to report unsafe situtations in a way that protects their privacy and the welfare of those around them.



    Parents did you know that your student can take the contents of the Google accounts with them when they graduate or leave the district?

    Students may migrate the contents of their Google Drives and emails to a personal account when they leave the district. Click This link to learn how.


    Accessing information about your students progress. 

    We keep track of attendance, grades, announcements and other student data with Skyward.

    Teacher websites

    Teachers maintain websites with information on the class and homework.
    You can find a directory of teacher sites by clicking the links below:
  • Helpdesk


    Request help with your students computer or online learning platform.

    Click this link to be taken to our online helpdesk system

    Links to Low Cost and Free internet

    We've assembled a list of low cost and free internet options for families and students. If you need help applying for these services please contact your school counselor or school office and we'll help you.


    Click this link to see low cost internet options

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