• Teen Council Anonymous Question Box Answers 

    The Teen Council program was selected because it has promising results over its twenty-year history within 35 Teen Councils in 13 states; preliminary results of a three-year evaluation have shown that it has a positive effect on clarifying attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs for our young people.


    The objectives for the Teen Council members include:

    • encourage conversation with parents to clarify family attitudes and beliefs
    • to increase sexual health knowledge    
    • reduce sexual risk taking, increase self-esteem
    • increase communication between partners about sexuality
    • increase comfort and confidence with decisions.   


    The objectives for the audiences of the Teen Council presentations include:

    • increased sexual health knowledge
    • increased motivation to avoid pregnancy and disease
    • reinforce the benefits of remaining abstinent
    • increased healthy decision-making
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    If If you have more specific questions about the training that the Teen Council has received you may contact your child’s  teacher or Tracy McLaren, the Teen Council advisor at (206-940-6430) or at  tracy@vashondoveproject.org