• Health and Fitness

    VISD Vison

    Culture Initiative:  Implement a social-emotional health framework along with research-based programming to facilitate a culture of care and compassion which encompasses life skills for healthy living, systems of intervention and support to address the unique needs of our learners, and a commitment to racial equity in our school community. 

    Desired outcomes:

    • Our school district culture is one of compassion, support and understanding
    • Our district is commitment to become an antiracist multicultural school community
    • Integrated mental health and suicide prevention systems are in all schools
    • Caring adults and students have the capacity to assess students of concern, conduct interventions and make appropriate referrals
    • There is a community of support where students, staff, teachers and parents work together to promote healthy living
    • Crisis response systems are well-planned and well-executed when necessary

    How this is achieved:

    • For all we will continue to promote a school community built upon the importance of care and concern for each other, with a commitment to become an anti-racist multicultural district that fosters love and respect for all
    • For students we will provide a framework and rubric detailing developmental social/emotional skills, and a means to monitor progress.  We will also provide a curriculum that fosters a deep understanding and skills for good social/emotional and mental health, suicide prevention, knowledge of when to report concerns, and systems of peer care and support.  We will increase counseling resources and implement effective systems for prevention, crisis intervention and support for students at risk.
    • For faculty we will develop a program to deepen their understanding of mental health issues such as depression and substance abuse, and enhance skills to support interventions, referrals and crisis response.
    • For parents and the community we will provide special meetings and trainings to increase awareness of mental health issues, resources for referral, and skills and support for children at home.



    General health topics are covered in each grade level with a very specific curriculum set at the 5th grade level. Physical Education is a specialist block, so each class has at least one PE block per week for approximately 50 minutes. Additionally, each grade level has a schedule of unstructured recess times each day (approximately 30 to 40 minutes total depending on the grade level).

    SPARK (PE curriculum for grades K through 5)

    5th Grade Growing Up Curriculum

    FLASH (sexual health curriculum, grade 5)  

    Middle School

    Health and Fitness is a interdisciplinary one-semester course at each grade level.

    Get Real (6-8)

    High School

    Physical Education electives offered to students in all grades.

    Health is a one-semester, required course offered in 9th grade.

    FLASH (sexual health curriculum)


    Family Resources

    Amaze.org (video resources for a variety of sexual health topics)

    Center for Disease Control Parent Information (wide range of health and fitness topics)

    Center for Latino Adolescent and Family Health (recursos para los padres)

    Get Real Information (information about the middle school sexual health curriculum)

    King County FLASH Curriculum

    Marijuana and E-Cigarettes: Facts teens can use to make healthy choices

    Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction: Health and Physical Education

    Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction: HIV and Sexual Health Education

    Planned Parenthood: Teaching Your Children about Sexual Health, Videos for Parents

    Positive Parenting

    Rights, Respect, Responsibility

    Local Resources

    The DOVE Project (Dignity, Opportunity, Voice and Empowerment: support for survivors of domestic violence)

    VARSA Vashon Alliance to Reduce Substance Abuse 

    VYFS Vashon Youth and Family Services