• #19 Weekly Update

    Posted by Colleen Sweeney on 1/21/2020 4:00:00 PM

    Dear Students and Families,


    Friday of this week marks the end of the first semester!  Please check your student(s)'s record for Humanities class to make sure that all work is accurately accounted for in Skyward/Family Access. If there are any questions, comments, or concerns please contact me as soon as possible.



    To culminate our study of ancient Egypt we will hold an Egypt Festival in which our room becomes a museum gallery dedicated to Egyptology.  Students will research an element of Egyptian culture and create a museum-type display for this event.  They must show depth of knowledge of some element of ancient Egyptian culture and civilization.


    Students will act as docents (guides) during the festival, which will be held during the students’ class time on Friday, February 14, 2020, and you are invited!  Since the "Festival' is and event (with invited guests), students MUST have their project ready on time.  Late work is NOT accepted. We look forward to a grand experience!!


    The 6th grade teaching team in conjunction with our librarian decided that all student research will be done using ONLY BOOKS. We expect that our next generation of students will meet our expectations of educational standards in research. These standards will only be met if we establish the infrastructure of first teaching the basics of how to “do” research in our classrooms. Because the Internet provides easy information fast, the temptation for students to pull information, click, and "copy/paste," from a website without attribution or real learning is so great, we feel strongly that this first research project be totally book based. It will take great effort on all sides—students, teachers, and parents alike—to learn how to research effectively without the aid of Google, Bing, and Wikipedia. But the benefits will be well worth the effort. We hope you will support us in our efforts to best teach your children.

    Thank you for you on-going support!


    Monday - Martin Luther King Day (No school)

    Tuesday - Materials to class every day

    Wednesday - Ch. 7-2 Study Guide/red pen

    Thursday - Organize notes

    Friday - Ch. 7-3 Study Guide/red pen


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