• Software


    cloud Computer settings for all district staff are such that users CANNOT install software. While we recognize this can be an inconvenience and may not be the policy enforced by other school districts, best practices and common sense dictate that in order to maintain a safe and secure computing environment for all users AND keep accurate accounting of software licenses, controls on software installation are not only prudent but essential.

    That said, we will respond to requests through the HELPDESK to install APPROVED and LICENSED software. We will also install approved open-source software upon request. All software installs are subject to computer systems being capable and compatible with the software.

    Web-Cloud based Software

    We strongly encourage the use of web-based/browser-based software that requires no installation. The current generation of browser-based software, often referred to as Web 2.0 tools, is often as good as standalone versions and usually is free to use. Please see the Technology Integration staff member in your school to find out more about these services.


    MS Office 2016

    Open-Source- Freeware:
    Open Office/ Libre Office
    Google Apps


    Adobe Acrobat Reader
    Adobe Acrobat Professional
    Cute PDF (pdf generator)


    Mozilla Firefox

    Safari (MAC)
    IE  (not recommended)

    Google Earth

    Real Alt
    VideoLan (open-source)

    Image Editing

    Pixlr (cloud based)
    Google Sketchup (free)
    Adobe CC (VHS -McM)

    Sound Editing
    Audacity (open-source)

    Instructional Specialized:

    Web-cloud based
    Khan Academy
    Reading A-Z

    Math XL

    Management- Business Operations
    Ecom (Special Ed)
    Filemaker Pro (Special Ed)
    HD Baker (point of sale)
    Skyward-Westpac (fiscal and student records)

    MS Endpoint Protection

    Base New Windows Computer Software Configuration 2018
    Office 2016
    Mozilla Firefox

    Edge (Windows 10 only) 

    Cute pdf (pdf creator)
    Video Lan
    Real Alt

    Adobe Reader X

    Additional approved software by request