• Hardware


    A Multi-platform Approach

    chromebook VISD is committed to a multi-platform computing environment that uses Windows, MAC OS, and Chrome OS interchangeably. As a component of our Technology Literacy efforts, students learn to easily move between platforms, and with full access to all the required user services, to accomplish projects and assignments.


    Current Desktop Standards:
    New Systems:
    i5-i7 or AMD equivalent 3.1 GZ or higher
    Win 10 Education Edition
    8 GB Ram

    HP Models: 6200x and 8200x

    Laptops (staff):
    i7 or AMD equivalent 3.1 GZ or higher
    Win 10 Education Edition
    8 GB Ram

    HP: Elitebook -Probook class
    Dell E-5470

    16 GB SSD
    4 GB ram



    Kindle Fire HD

    Apple Imac
    OSX 10.11 or greater



    Windows 10
    Mac OS X

    Windows 2012R2, 2016 server
    Chrome OS


    Laser printers: Brother, HP, Lexmark
    Limited Laser and Ink-based color printers
    Access to no fewer than 2 network printer/copiers per building
    Classroom printers: Brother 5470 DL
    Library Printers: Brother 5470 DL
    Copiers: Xerox



    LCD monitors 19 inch +

    Epson Bright Link wall mounted interactive projectors

    Document Cameras:
    Ipevo Ziggi USB
    Base Classroom Configuration:

    Wall mounted projector
    document camera-usb attached
    printer (highs school only)
    classroom-integrated sound with mic for teacher

    VCR/DVD player (phasing out since DVDs can be played from computer)
    Chromebook carts:
    Many classrooms at the high school, middle schools and elementary school have chromebook carts outfitted for an entire class. There are is also access to grade level carts

    Replacement Cycle:

    Classroom Desktop: 5 years
    Office Desktop: 5 years
    Lab Computers: 5 years

    Laptops: 5 years
    Chromebooks: 5 years

    Printers: 5 + years
    Monitors: 4+ years
    Projectors: 4+ years
    Document camera: when they break
    VCR/DVD: when they break