Gmail W use Google Services including GMAIL. If you have a personal GMAIL account, it is identical in function but uses our domain name: We maintain synchronized passwords between our internal network passwords and GMAIL.  If you change your district computer login password it will automatically change GMAIL.
    All passwords must be a minimum 12 characters in length and meet complexity requirements.

    How To Connect to Email:

    You can access email  by visiting or
    Login with your full username:

    Visit the District Clever Portal to reach all of the web based servcies that we support

    District Email Address and Global Contact List

    District email addresses use this convention: FirstInitialLastname @ There is NO global contact list in GMAIL; rather, you simply start typing a name or email address into the TO: field and it will offer you contact options based on what you type.

    Email Lists:

    The district has a number of email lists that distribute messages to groups of staff members based on where they work or by department. Here is a list of all group address

    SPAM Filtering and Archiving:

    GMAIL has superior built-in SPAM filtering capabilities, all suspected SPAM is placed in the SPAM folder.   If you find any legitimate email in the that folder, select the message (check box) and an option will appear at the top "NOT SPAM".  The message will now be moved to your INBOX in the date and time location it was originally received, not at the top of your INBOX.

    Google Vault

    All incoming and outgoing mail and all Google Documents (Drive) are archived by a service called Google Vault.  Even if mail is deleted by you it is still archived by Google Vault.  Read more about Google Vault