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  • Indus Civilization

    What happens when one culture is over-run by another? This is the guiding question of our unit on Ancient Indian Civilization. As always we begin with basic geography and climate information. Since a culture/civilization grows in concert with its environment, this information helps us understand why a civilization deveolped the way it did. Its creation story also helps us understand its values and view of its own place in the world. Once we have an understanding of the Dravidian culture of the Indus valley, we are introduced to their invaders, the Proto-Indo-Europeans (PIE). Lastly we look at the development of Hinduism and reflect on what happened to the Dravidians when they fell to invaders. Of the four river civilizations that we study, this was the largest, and yet we know the least about it. To find out more about what we do know about this civilization, check out this website.