• Who We Are



    Belief Statement

    The VHS staff dedicate themselves to facilitating rigorous, relevant and engaging learning experiences for our students. We believe students will best be prepared for their future by maintaining their curiosity and passion for learning, acquiring critical thinking, complex writing and applied technology skills and practicing empathy and compassion towards others.

    Demographic Snapshot

     VHS Demo

    How We Are Doing

    Educational Effectiveness Survey™

    Each spring, our school conducts a student, parent and staff survey called the Educational Effectiveness SurveyTM by the Center for Educational Excellence (CEE). The survey provides us with information as to how well we are addressing the 9 characteristics of high performing schools:
    • collaboration and communication,
    • clear and shared focus
    • high standards and expectations
    • effective leadership
    • supportive learning environment
    • parental and community involvement
    • curriculum, instruction and assessment
    • monitoring of teaching and learning
    • focused professional development
     We’ve selected a small sampling of questions to provide a snapshot of our school climate.

     Student Survey (May 2015)

    VHS Student

    Parent Survey (May 2015)

     VHS Parent

     State Testing (May 2015)

    The End of Course exams in mathematics are being phased out beginning with the class of 2019. Below are the
    results from last year’s 9th graders. Math-1 represents algebra and Math-2 represents geometry.
    VHS Testing  
    Last school year, we transitioned to the new state assessment known as the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA) in English language arts (ELA) and mathematics. Our 10th graders were given the same ELA exam as the 11th graders which yielded two results: 10th grade diploma cut score for graduation requirements as well as the college and career ready cut score (the 11th grade benchmark). Students who met this higher standard at 10th grade have their scores “banked” and used for accountability purposes. Level performance was only reported out for the college and career ready cut scores.
    VHS Testing 2  
     VHS testing 3
     Last year’s 11th graders were the first group required to participate in the Smarter Balanced Assessments for state and federal accountability. Because these students had previously passed their graduation requirements through the old testing system, many refused to participate.
    VHS Testing 4  

    Our Focus for 2015-16

    We will focus on increasing our shared understanding of student behavior expectations as well as aligning our interventions through the implementation of multi-tiered systems of support. Additionally, we will reinforce our expectations through acts of celebration and recognition.