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  • Welcome to Sixth Grade Humanities

    Isis Sixth-grade humanities integrates learning in language arts with the study of geography, archaeology, anthropology and ancient civilizations. Language Arts studies are often linked with the social studies curriculum and run concurrently to those explorations. Categories of language arts study include process-based creative and expository writing, vocabulary and word origin, conventions/mechanics, literature and genre studies, and thinking skills. 

    Particular emphasis is placed on essay writing. Students will develop skills in writing style and conventions and focus on information gathering and synthesis. The ability to analyze literature is developed through regular reading, reflection and response. Title Students will learn about the elements of culture, the technological developments required to build civilization, and the events that cause civilizations to collapse by studying the cultural traits and history of several ancient peoples.

    The year begins with a geography unit and an archaeology/anthropology primer to prepare students for the cultures to come. It includes the 5 themes of geography, elements and nature of culture and the role of archaeology in our knowledge of the ancient world. The agricultural revolution and the birth of civilization is next. Republique Francaise Units on Sumeria and Mesopotamia, the Egyptians, and ancient Indus and Chinese civilizations follow. The beginnings of western civilization are explored through study of the Greeks and Romans.

    For those of you who just can't wait to get a piece of paper about the course that reiterates the outline and describes basic expectations and policy, you can access it here—Dubois Humanities. I distribute a hard copy during the first week of school and review it with students.