• Welcome to Healthy Living at McMurray Middle School on beautiful Vashon Island.  To help our learning about being and staying healthy, we have the use of a gymnasium, the outdoors featuring acres of fields and trails, and our classroom that can also act as a lab.
    Healthy Living for all students at McMurray is a one Semester offering so we are going to make the most of your time with us.  Classroom days will typically be Mondays and Wednesdays, if there are changes to a regular schedule I will let students know the week prior.  
    Healthy Living Classroom days student supply list  (South Hall) :
    -school planner
    -notebook paper to takes notes
    -pencil preferred for taking notes
    Healthy Living Movement days student supply list  (gym/outdoor) :
    -shoes for movement (tennis/court)  please no boots/heals because they are very unsafe, and no cleats
    -upper body movement clothing - tshirt/sweatshirt/jacket
    -lower body movement clothing - shorts/sweats 
    Teacher will supply these materials:
    -all gym/workout equipment during gym/outdoor days
    -all art supplies for assignments/projects during classroom days when needed
    -all curriculum to be followed by students
    Please do not use phones in the classroom. Phones are expected to left in you lockers.  Phones that are being used during classtime for social media/gaming will be taken away by the teacher and given to the main office, for pickup at the end of the school day.
    Fidget spinners/slime/other things that students use during learning time are actually a HUGE distraction and I encourage you to be a note taker, doodler, and listener rather than be distracted by toys. I will politely ask you to put the distraction away.  If we have to be reminded again it will be taken away for the remainder of the classtime.