Picture Framing and Math Help Times

Dear Students, We will not have anymore class time to frame pictures, so please be sure that your picture is framed and turned in by Tuesday morning, with your name printed neatly and clearly at the bottom of the frame (on the front). It will be fun to see the great variety of pictures framed and displayed by everyone ! If for some reason you got a late start on the framing "mini" project, and if you need help, my regular help times are before school, at break, at lunch, and after school on Mondays,Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Students working in our math classroom after school may take the Chautauqua bus home. You would leave McMurray at 3:30 pm, walk across to Chautauqua, board the bus, and leave Chautauqua at 3:40 pm. Math help is also (mostly) available during my Prep, which is period four. I do have a few students assigned to me that period, and I sometimes run out to run copies, etc., but as a general thing we can make it work, and it can be helpful to students. WE ARE OFF TO A WONDERFUL START ! If you are a "take charge" person, you will do great in Math 8 this year. If you are the kind of person that tends to hold back and waits to be told every little thing, then let me know so I can tell you every little thing. In any case, the plan is for everyone to have an exciting, challenging, productive, and fun year! Be sure to let me know how things are going for you... as we go through the year. Sincerely, Cornelius Lopez
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McMurray Math Grade 8

Eighth grade math is primarily algebra and/or pre-algebra, with a sprinkling of other topics, depending on the class and the needs of the students in that class. Advanced classes use the text Algebra 1, and Regular classes use the text Pre-Algebra. Both texts are 2004 editions published by Prentice Hall. Both are traditional in approach, both do an excellent job of presenting the important concepts and understandings, and both provide worked examples, and plenty of review and practice. The topics covered are much the same in both classes, with the main difference being in the degree of depth and complexity. Also, Algebra 1 holds to coverage of all of the topics, whereas pre-algebra allows for "injecting" or even substituting work on basics if needed. The scope and sequence of topics for the year is as follows: In September, October, and November, we will work with variables, order of operations, integers and the real numbers, exponents, equations and inequalities. In December, January, and February, we will work with proportions, functions, linear equations and their graphs, systems of equations and inequalities. In March, April, and May, Algebra 1 students will learn about polynomials, factoring, and quadratic equations and functions. Pre-Algebra students will work on spatial thinking, area and volume, and right triangles. In June, Algebra 1 students will prep for the state End Of Course Test. Pre-algebra students will work with polynomials and factoring. .
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