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Vashon Island School District #402 WA District Mission =
"To equip every student to engage, thrive, and contribute in an ever-changing world."(Strategic Planning)(2) (PD & TRI Requirements 2014-15)
8th Grade Earth-Space Systems Project Based Inquiry Science
(PBIS - It's About Time) (Development Partners = National Science Foundation - American Geosciences Institute - American Association of Physics Teachers - American Institute of Physics - U.S. Department of Energy En
ergy Efficiency and Renewable Energy)

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Spotting Good & Bad Science Practices

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Standards (Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) (NSTA Earth-Space Science Summary) (Kirk Robbins BookMark)
NGSS-EEQIP "Educators Evaluating the Quality of Instructional Products" (EQuIP) Rubric via Achieve Corporation (Achive Inc. Sample Performance Tasks & Front Matter Drafts - Nov.2014)

2013 OSPI VISD Report Card (37.3% increase in 4 years since PBIS pilot) (#6/295 rank statewide{top 2%})
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(2009 OSPI Report Card) (WEA-WA state education statistics) (SeattleTimes.com WA State Higher Ed Paradox) (2012-13 Sci8 Ranking by District)
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Kahn Academy
(or . . . I "Kahn-nae" take animoore, capt'n,;>) (BigHistory)

Devon Atkins 2013 McMurray WorkShops / (local copy) & (Summer 2014) / (local copy)

(College Bound Scholarship) (Seattle Times College Guide)

Course Outlines =

1) "Everchanging Earth" - Gr8sci-ESS (sequence & assignment details)

Geologic & Cosmic Scales TimeLines (Plate Tectonics URLs) (VISD-PNWSN)

2) "Planetary Forecaster" - Gr8sci-ESS (sequence & assignment details)

(Keppler)(Vashon Intertidal Critters)(VISD Weather)(VIFR Weather)(VISD Solar)(2)(3) What is fog? (NOAA) LAB (WxBug)

3) "Astronomy" - Gr8sci-ESS (sequence & assignment details)
(Eyes On The Universe) (Eyes on the Solar System) (WorldWide Telescope [html5])
(music) (Interactiuve Periodic Table) (
Geologic & Cosmic Scales TimeLines) (STEM rscs.)

McM Gr9Psci OutLine McM Gr9Psci Current Work VHS Gr9Psci Current Work

Based on VHS course content (Swan)+(Kehl), slower pace to mitigate skills & applications to mastery levels, as required by the NGSS & CCSS standards (Physics Classroom)(Heckthorn) (supplimentary resources)

Both Earth-Space Systems & Physical Science "clearly exceeds standards" for topic (4/4) opportunity =
STEMfest (student generated individual engineering project, research, or research investigation & presentation)
(student initiative -instructor supported outside of class - not class time supported)

Contacts =

Evan Justin, McMurray Middle School,
9329 SW Cemetery Road, Vashon Island, WA 98070

Vashon Island Schoold District #402 WA

eMail = ejustin@vashonsd.org

vMail = 206-463-9168 ext. 3104

Office Hours/(Building Hours): (Please have your student make an appointment with me in person, or cc you with an eMail request - although I'm frequently on site exceeding these hours, much of that time would be unavailable for student support, due to scheduled meetings, materials setup, curricular work, etc.).
before school = ~7am - 7:45am (Wednesday hall duty)
prep period = varies by day . . . no prep even block days, 20min. on PDDs, p5 whenever that happens . . .

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