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Vashon Island High Schooo office will be open Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM until 3:00 PM. 

June 24th is the last day for financial transactions

June 27th office closes for the summer. 

August 18th office reopens for the school year, 7:00 AM until 3:00 PM

August 18th football registration begins, please check sports page for more information

August 20th football practice begins

August 20th all other sports registration begins: cross country, fall cheer, boys' tennis, girls' soccer

August 25th all other sports practices begin

August 27th freshment orientation, please be at the school by 12:30 AM for photos. Orientation is from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM 

September 1, Holiday, Labor Day, not school

September 2, first day of school, full day. 

September 18th Open House at VHS


We will offer summer school for students looking to retrieve credits. It will run July 7th to August 14th, Monday-Thursday 9am-12pm at the district office. Students will have the chance to make up courses they have previously failed. Credits earned will be Pass/Fail and will not remove the previous F. However, because of a grant we received, students will be able to make up the vast majority of courses we offer. There will be a district teacher helping students navigate online courses with recorded video instruction. Students will be able to work both at school with the teacher as well as at home. The cost for retrieval credits is $75 per student, with as many courses as they can complete available.There are  need based scholarships available see attached form.  Vashon Island High School office will be open from 7:00 AM unitl 3:00 PM until June 24th, to pay any fees. Please check with your counselor for more information. Susan Haworth 463-9171 ext.463-9171 ext. 2005 or Laurie Martin at 206-463-9171 ext. 2006.  Please click on the link for payment information.



Summer School Course Offerings
Algebra I
Advanced Algebra
Freshman English
Sophomore English
American Literature
Freshman World History
Sophomore World History
US History
Biology (non-lab)
Psychology (elective)
Financial Algebra (non CTE)
Geography (elective)
Algebra I (in Spanish)

2014-15 Course Description Available

2014-15 Course Description

VHS named 2013 Washington Achievement Award Winner

Vashon High School has been recognized as being in the top 5% of all comprehensive high schools in the state for 2013, as well as demonstrating 'High Progress' for serving low income students over a 3 year period. This award belongs to all of us! We are one of 26 high schools to receive the 'Overall Excellence' award across the state and one of only 6 to have both Overall Excellence and High Progress, an important combination.

Our overall academic achievement, low income achievement, improvement and achievement vs peers were compared over two years using the Washington Achievement Index. We additionally had to have a narrow 'achievement gap' to qualify, meaning the gap between our at risk students and high achieving students could not be too big. Our student's success not only reflects the quality of practice at VHS, but also at McM and CES as we are simply the last destination for our learners. 

Congratulations to our students, parents, and school staff for this wonderful accomplishment!